Luxury bathrooms are now a reality in many houses. To get a modern bathroom, you don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom. Sometimes just changing small things makes a big difference. Whether your bathroom is big or small, modern bathroom designs can turn your bathroom into at-home spa. Here are some of the tips that can help you to create a beautiful modern bathroom in your home.

Take care of the ventilation

A bathroom is damp and steamy so install proper ventilation system to keep moisture to a minimum. Bathroom needs excellent ventilation to keep you in good health. Ventilation also prevents mold from growing. A properly sized window or exhaust fans are the good source of ventilation and you can consult your contractor to decide their position to get effective airflow.

Get Unique Flooring

Choose bathroom flooring which is durable and water-resistant. Ceramic tiles are the best option for premium flooring. You can also combine background tiles with some mosaics. One can also think about epoxy flooring. The epoxy resin is waterproof, withstands humidity and non-slip flooring. It prevents fungi proliferation as it does not have joints. It is also easy to clean; water and some detergent are more than enough. You can add a little luxury by having a floor heating system. It will keep your thermos state a bit lower and you will feel comfortable when you get warmth on normally cold tile.

A Statement Mirror

Reflective surfaces like a mirror will help to create the illusion of large space. A designer statement mirror will make your bathroom look trendy. You can use a super-size mirror which will enhance the luxurious feel of the bathroom. Place mirror at the position where it allows light to bounce off.

Use premium material for walls

For wet surfaces, you can combine ceramic tiles and decorative coatings which are water-resistant. You can also consider marble when tiling the walls of your bathroom. A gorgeous porcelain tile can create a stunning look and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You can make a vertical garden for one of the bathroom walls.  A living wall is good for our physical and mental health.

Invest in Modern Bath Accessory

For getting a modern space, you can consider a great sink, stylish tub, and some functional lighting. Install a unique soap holder and stylish toilet paper near your toilet seat. Depending upon placement, you can think about installing a shower head for additional bathing capabilities. To add style, you can also think about a premium faucet for your sink. Try to get wall mounted toilet, washbasin and cabinets. It allows you to add extra space to your bathroom.

A modern bathroom will provide a great style to your bathroom and you will get a peaceful space where you can relax and get away from the stress of your daily life. We hope these ideas will help you to bring a modern bath space to your home. Make a call on Call A Mate for a luxurious bathroom from concept to reality. We make the essential and budget-friendly changes to remodel your bath space.